Phoenix Technology

Ref: SABRE56 Client Reference Letter - 29 September 2021

To whom it may concern,

The letter constitutes a Client reference for SABRE56 (S56) and their services provided to Phoenix Technology (Phoenix).

To date the S56 team have successfully designed and built three fully operational cryptocurrency mining sites for Phoenix. These sites are located in North America and have a current online capacity of 40Mw. In addition to this S56 have consulted on 50Mw in Russia. S56 are currently delivering two large sites which are in construction in the USA which have a combined capacity of over 100 Mw.

S56 have successfully taken our projects from pre-concept stage (site selection, feasibility analysis, geotechnical services, civil and electrical engineering etc.) through to bringing them online to fully operational. We have been so satisfied with S56 that we subsequently selected S56 to run some of these sites as a result of their efficient planning and operational excellence. S56 operate at a tempo that is unparalleled.

We have always received excellent professional services from S56 and we consider them as our go-to for design and build of crypto currency mining facilities. The entire, end-to-end service offering from S56 was superb but one area I would particularly like to commend S56 is in their excellent cost consultancy during the design stage, followed by exceptional financial control and value engineering during the build stage. To date we have never seen an instance of runaway budget and we have achieved a price per Mw that we could have never imagined prior to working with S56. They achieve this through knowing their subject matter intimately and having a large network of suppliers and industry relationships. I attribute this to the way they conduct their business which I would describe as open, respectful and being ‘straight-shooters’. They value their reputation above all else and this pays dividends not only for them but for their Clients.

We have had many challenges operating in this space and worked with many who would ‘bait and switch’ or fall short of their promises. This is a new industry with many charlatans. S56 are utterly trustworthy and always go the extra mile. I have found them to be selective in the work they take on and entirely diligent in their delivery of that work. I have no hesitation in recommending them as the design and build consultant of choice for anyone who wishes to build a crypto mining farm. You will be in safe hands.

Please contact me if you have any more questions or would like to further validate this reference.

Yours Sincerely,

Seyed Mohammad Alizadehfard

Celsius Mining

This letter is written as a reference for the professional services of Sabre 56 (S56).

Celsius have found S56 to possess many outstanding merits in their provision of professional services within the cryptocurrency mining sector. During our ongoing professional dealings with S56 we have found their staff to be of exceptional caliber and their performance to be superb across the myriad of services which they have provided to us.

S56 continue to deliver across a multitude of areas. As an organization Celsius have many deployments of largescale mining facilities and are confident in the expertise and service being offered by S56 and their obvious experience (and the confidence drawn from this experience) in facilities of significant size. Their in-house team display massive ‘real-world’ and full spectrum expertise in the crypto mining space.

S56 achieve streamlined delivery services, this is not only attributable to their expertise but also their proactive approach and systematic processes, indeed the planning skills demonstrated by S56 staff and their personnel whose implementation of due diligence measures are second to none.

S56 services are always tailored towards our needs and deliver outside of scope to support of which S56 staff have an intricate proficiency, full spectrum.

Amir Ayalon



RE: SABRE56 Consulting Reference

Hydrokraft engaged SABRE56 (S56) for specialist design consultancy relating to the development of our 30MW ASIC Cryptocurrency Miner facility in Northern Norway. Hydrokraft was facing demanding project timelines whilst experiencing inflating costs, design complications and extended component lead times. To combat these restraints, Hydrokraft was introduced to S56 in Q2-21. S56 offered to take our project from conceptual design through to build-out.

We have found S56 to be extremely diligent in their client care and utterly reliable in their delivery of consulting expertise. Their approach is always highly coordinated and specific to the needs of our project. They carefully analyze our requirements against market factors, limitations and dependencies before presenting us with effective solutions in sympathy to budget and program. Importantly, this is always done in a timely manner.

Of particular note is the support given by the S56 team with regard to site build-out and providing expert engineering guidance in the form of design advice tailored to site conditions such as equipment performance specifications and calculations or by providing cut sheets or other design guidance. S56 has also given valuable guidance on site staffing, resource planning and the scheduling of manpower as well as site operating procedures.

S56 provides extremely useful cost consultancy, always demonstrating a keen awareness of budget. Through their influence and strategic partnerships in the market we have been able to leverage S56 to assist us in circumventing supply chain limitations and our procurement has benefitted from the same.

We have hired many consultants and experts during the course of our design and build outs. None of these have demonstrated anything near the complete understanding of cryptocurrency mining processes, infrastructure requirements and operations as have been exhibited by S56. Few other consultants have displayed the proficiency shown by S56, even within their specific fields of professional expertise.

We hope to engage S56 on all of our future projects. Please feel free to contact us as we would be delighted to confirm the information stated here and to further discuss the assistance provided to us by S56.


William George Tasney
Chief Operations Officer

Paper Excellence

Re: Sabre 56 – Referral Letter

To whom it may concern:

I have been asked by Sabre56 (“S56”) to provide a client referral, regarding my experience working with them and the quality of their work. It’s my absolute pleasure to recommend S56 and their team for your cryptocurrency endeavour. I have worked with the S56 team for the majority of the 2021 and can attest to their knowledge, experience and expertise, as well as the quality and integrity of their work.

The following is an outline of the capacity S56 was tasked and their respective outcome:

Financial analyses / Feasibility / Project viability

Business Strategy

S56 gave us detailed and expert guidance for the design and implementation of our business formation strategy. This consisted of business formation (Jurisdiction) and company status, bank and account selection (set up with crypto-friendly bank), accountants’ introduction and set up (crypto-qualified accountants and audit-qualified in the space), insurance introduction and set up (crypto-savvy, specialist insurance brokers). Custodian process and security protocol/allocation of financial controllers.

Financial strategy

Covering everything from crypto liquidation strategy and associated processes, overall mining / hosting / equipment sale strategy. Also, extremely detailed project cost consultancy and procurement strategy, as well as supply chain management.

Design services

For design services, S56 were able to provide us with an end-to-end design service that could take the project from concept design through to detailed design and build of a crypto mining facility, offering us everything from civil drawing packages to electrical and data drawing package. They bolstered this with performance specs, method statements of work, manpower schedules, etc.

Operational Consultancy

  • Set up and establish operational team at PE
  • Hosting
  • ~Hosting partnership and relationship management
  • ~Contract management
  • ~Deployment strategy and hosting operational management
  • ~Marketing and sales for hosting or equipment sales or both
  • Farm Operations
  • ~Operator training
  • ~Staffing and resource management
  • ~Mining Policy and Procedures
  • ~Mining farm user guides
  • ~Operations room set up
  • ~Miner management software implementation, training and operation
  • ~Asset management software implementation, training and operation
  • ~Service repair contract and process
  • ~Farm mapping and set up
  • Self-Mining Deployment Management
  • ~Farm setup
  • ~Mining operations setup
  • ~~Pool allocation and relationship
  • ~~Trading account
  • ~~Server allocation
  • ~IT and data testing and commissioning
  • ~Manpower and staffing schedule (as per the staffing schedule in the feasibility study)
  • ~Deployment strategy
  • ~~Miner deployment schedule,
  • ~~Site Coordination at each deployment

We were very pleased with our experience working with S56 and feel a greater confidence in having their knowledge base available to us. I’d be happy to discuss if there are questions regarding our working relationship and outcome.

Kind regards,

Antoine Farris
Vice President - M&A and Corporate Development


SABRE56 (S56) were contracted by Blockware for full Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services relating to the design and build of a 18MW cryptocurrency mining facility in Kentucky, USA. Blockware were introduced to S56 in September 2021 to assist with developing an existing two-building facility that was to be retrofitted to house a new cryptocurrency mining operation.

From the beginning of the project, S56 demonstrated incredibly high levels of professionalism, effective processes and clear communication.  S56 were methodical and detailed in their project analysis and progress tracking, following a bespoke, step-by-step process which they have developed, incorporating feasibility assessment, design stages, and construction delivery.

No project is without obstacles, but we would like to recognize the exceptional manner in which S56 helped us overcome these obstacles:

The project faced several design challenges in the beginning, mostly related to optimal space for the buildings to accommodate the hot/cold separation and to reduce the impact of re-circulating exhausted hot air. S56 worked extensively on providing different solutions, guidelines for the site team, and on-site visits to assist with optimizing the performance of the miners given the heat challenges of the project.

There were supply chain constraints specifically related to electrical infrastructure equipment, such as transformers, breakers and cable that had significant lead times due to global shortages post-pandemic. These had a knock-on effect to the project delivery efforts, but through S56’s extensive procurement network, equipment was sourced and was delivered ahead of schedule helping reduce delivery timeframes.

S56 always went above and beyond the obligations of their scope of works. Relating to the aforementioned, S56 prepared a comprehensive “Lessons Learned” document two-thirds of the way into the project, that enabled the team to pivot and implement immediate fixes to help close out project issues quicker and reduce project timeframes. Outside of their scope as the PMC, S56 also provided guidelines to Blockware for the correct implementation of miners, selection of operations team, and provision of site operating procedures.

Having worked with several consultants and contractors in the crypto-mining space, we can say that S56 consistently exceeded our expectations with regards to their knowledge of crypto-mining process, infrastructure design and build, operational expertise, and above all, their exceptionally high level of professional conduct.

We look forward to working S56 on future projects and would be delighted to discuss in more detail any of the points outlined within this appraisal.

Cyber Innovation Group

Cyber Innovation Group (CIG) were the project implementation team for Blockware’s 18MW cryptocurrency mining facility in Kentucky, USA. CIG worked in close partnership with SABRE56 (S56) who had been contracted to be the Project Management Consultants (PMC) for the project. S56’s role was to undertake a feasibility survey, design the facility, and then subsequently work with CIG to successfully deliver the project.

The site in Kentucky contains two old warehouses that were renovated in order to stage cryptocurrency miners. The derelict buildings were repurposed by implementing a modularized. S56 were responsible for the design of the facility and communicated design changes based on site condition reports from CIG. The project was later upgraded to accommodate more power which S56 diligently undertook and coordinated from inception to fruition. S56 never hesitated to support with the re-design of the site, including with the crucial electrical infrastructure displaying dedication and expending huge energy to ensure project success.

The S56 team were instrumental in helping us overcome several challenges on the project, and without their experience and guidance, the project could have easily stalled or at the very least prolonged. Due to the proximity of the two buildings onsite, issues associated with retrofitted buildings were frequent from the very beginning of the project.  S56 and their intricate knowledge and deep understanding of mining facility build and associated operations was evident from the outset. Every detail was meticulosity calculated and reviewed to ensure alignment at all times. S56 provided constant and detailed guidance on the tweaks that would optimize the implementation.

We faced typical issues on the project with the supply chain, particularly with getting transformers and distribution panels within a timeframe that aligned with our project program. Additionally, we were also constrained by the equipment on the market versus what was required to connect to the old infrastructure at the site. S56 stepped-in and through the procurement channels, helped expedite equipment purchases for the project. It was through this network, we were also able to navigate implementation challenges connecting to the aging infrastructure.

S56 are exceptionally professional and demonstrate a great deal more experience than many organizations that we have worked with in the cryptocurrency mining sector. From tracking budgets, using in-house design capability, delivering to programs and effective Client/Project Team communications, S56 are second-to-none in what they do. There was never a point on the project where S56 were not there to support, and willing to go beyond what was expected or contractually obliged to deliver.

S56 are a world-class company who leveraged their global pool of experts from various geographical regions to deliver excellence.  We are looking forward to working with them on more projects in the near future. If required, we would be more than happy to provide additional details to other companies should they request them.

Green Tag Crypto

Dear Sir/Madam,

As a fitting sentiment with which to begin this reference, we wish to express that we derive a great deal of reassurance from the knowledge and experience that S56 display in their end-to-end running of our sites.

When it comes to mining operations services, we have always found the S56 operations team to be meticulous in ensuring that all required management and maintenance tasks are attended to within the lowest possible service time. The mechanical, electrical and networking equipment within our facilities has always been maintained by S56 personnel to the highest standards.

The performance of routine preventative maintenance and cleaning is always thorough. Adherence to and performance in excess of equipment manufacturers O&M standards is constantly demonstrated by S56, even down to keeping exceptional records of the inventory status of all spares and consumables required for the maintenance of our facilities. These attributes clearly demonstrate their military precision and process driven efficiency as does their detailed operations task logging.

S56 have always performed with absolute diligence in their provision of mining management services and the performance of their responsibilities for correct operations and maintenance of our facilities. They proved especially helpful in their assistance during the intake and installation of a huge delivery of our hardware, providing an incredibly streamlined and methodical approach to the install of equipment including and then providing invaluable assistance in snagging, de-snagging, testing and commissioning of the entire fleet of this equipment. This was an impressive fete and without S56 we would have faced many issues we were not prepared for.

S56 have always provided the highest professional levels of services, active maintenance and intervention with impressively fast response rates.

Bryan Lublin